Top South American Cities

Due to its natural beauty and variety of ecosystems, South America has long been a popular traveling getaway. However, the continent is even home to thriving metropolitan areas. We’ve compiled our picks for the major South American towns to assist tourists in navigating this different globe.

Argentina’s Buenos Aires

The broad boulevards and old-world grandeur of the Argentinian capital have given it the status of being numerous cities combined, with the town center being a jumble of stunning colonial architecture and contemporary conveniences. There are many restaurants, bars, and cafés in the capital that serve people from all walks of living. Despite being one of the continent’s safest locations, it is best to avoid walking only after darker and to sit nearby to your hotel.


A Unesco world heritage site, the Colombian metropolis expertly combines Caribbean beaches with ethnic elegance. Elder Bolivians wearing bowler hats can be seen mingling with the city’s younger and hip residents in its vibrant ancient area, which is a must-see. And when it comes to this bustling capital, its brilliant shores and breathtaking views are only the tip of the iceberg.


The Unesco-listed castle is well-known for its spectacular colonial architecture and ancient Aztec ruins, but it’s also developed into a hub for adventure tourism, including mountain biking and ziplining. Additionally, due to its high ascent, Machu Picchu-like sights are offered.

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